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Coach, John Vasquez 
The Top Health and Mindset Coach & Creator of the 3T Method Fat Shredding System 
Discover what you need to know about Mobilizing stubborn Body Fat and creating a strong mindset...
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What The 3T Method Is All About:
Secret #1: Just by skipping Breakfast You Can...
  • Increase the #1 fat burning hormone, " GROWTH HORMONE," and turn your body into a fat burning machine!
  • Improve you overall health
  • You can increase your energy
  • You can do what all the Hollywood stars are doing, Intermittent Fasting! This alone changed my life...
Secret #2: You Don't Have to Stop Eating Carbs...
  • NO more restricting all your carbohydrates to lose weight
  • Learn to use carbohydrates as your friend and fuel
  • Learn why the carbohydrates you are eating are being stored as fat and not used for fuel
  • You must eat to lose weight 
Secret #3: You Don't Have To Spend Hours in the Gym...
  • Learn WHY you should be lifting weights to help mobilize body fat
  • Learn the amazing benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Learn WHY you should not be spending hours on a piece of cardio equipment 
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Hire John Vasquez for your next event. He comes to you with his passionate personal story of losing everything, and pulling his life back together through Belief, Action, and Discipline and the Law of Maintaining!

John's speaking engagements are for corporations, non-profits, or government agencies. Everyone has the ability to reach their dreams, and John will help you and your team reach success in all aspects of life!
John Vasquez  biography Roids to Riches 
Roids to Riches is a biography of John J Vasquez falling from grace. He found himself deep in the clutches of the underworld. This world, had him fighting for his life and fighting to regain what he had lost. 
What People Are Saying:
I’ve been a client of John’s for 14 yrs. as I competed on and off in bodybuilding for most of that time. He is the best trainer I have ever had, hands down. His knowledge and way he approaches programs for his clients is second to none. Recently, John introduced me to the 3T method, I was skeptical at first but then decided to try it….I can’t say anything but GREAT things about it! Now being 36 yrs. old, a business owner, and two small children, the commitment to bodybuilding wasn’t fitting into my life. I did not want to let my training and focus sit dormant. The 3T method allows me to stay lean while having a program that is very easy to follow and fits my daily life. I also don’t have to swear off foods I love for 16 weeks, plan 7 meals a day or spend 90 minutes in the gym. Instead it is healthy, balanced eating. Enjoying the “cheat foods I love” on a once a week basis, a few meals a day and 45 minute gym sessions. I can enjoy the mental and physical results and enjoy going out to dinner with my family. In 20 years of working out, nutrition programs and studying, this is the best program that I have done by far and John is the perfect person to implement it for you to guide you through executing it perfectly.
- John Pancorvo, Chicago, IL
The 3T Method has changed my life. I was always up and down in my weight. With this easy method I have been able to lose weight at a faster pass but most importantly been able to maintain my weight and not fluctuate! The works outs are amazing. They push me to a level I never thought I could do.
Most importantly John has changed my life. He has taught me how to take charge of my life. I am in control of my mindset now. He is always there when i have question and need help! I would recommend this to everyone!
- Ridge Nielsen, Az
This is such an incredible program!  Watch this amazing video testimonial from Coach, John Vasquez online client. 
-Katie Maggio 
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